Pi day

I had to explain this to someone recently…but I won’t say who. Pi day…you know, 3.14…right. THAT pi. Well, I teach a bunch of nerdy kids, and while I don’t usually celebrate pi day (it is more of a math thing) my AP class decided we are having pies tomorrow to celebrate. Conveniently, we have a double-period class, so we may actually do some physics as well as eat pie.

It also happens to be the last day of class before spring break, so the pies celebrate that as well. I am making ice cream pie. Mint-chocolate-chip ice cream pie, with a chocolate cookie crumb crust and a layer of ganache on the bottom.

Thinking about pie makes me think of all the yummy peaches we had last summer from the CSA we joined. We had peach pie for about three weeks straight, I think. Now that was good pie! Some of you may not know, but when we got married, we had pie instead of wedding cake at our reception. I hope nobody minded too much.

None of this is to say that I don’t like cake–I do like cake. I love cake! I am not that into icing, but I love cake!

Here’s the pie:

Mint chocolate chip ice cream pie

One Response to “Pi day”

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