Lists: pies, to-do, did

Well, on pi day I ate five pieces of pie.  Yes, five.  We had six different kinds of pie in AP physics, so there was one I did not try.  We had:

  • Cherry pie
  • Boston creme pie
  • Key lime cheesecake pie
  • Peach pie
  • Apple pie
  • Mint chocolate chip ice cream pie

We had to invite AP biology to come share the pies, and there were still leftovers!  It took me over 24 hours to recover from the sugar hit, and I probably won’t be that foolish again for a while, but it was pretty fun!

I am happily now on Spring Break!  Yet, I went to work today.  I have been gradually building up a pile of papers, transparencies, magazines, folders, envelopes, and other stuff on my desk, and I really needed to take care of it–some to files, some to recycling, some to trash, some to another pile…which can be attacked tomorrow.  Yes, I am going to work tomorrow, too.   But I have additional motive tomorrow: I am administering a test to two students who hope to qualify for the US Physics Team.  While they sit for 3.5 hours of testing, I will be sorting more papers for filing or recycling.

What else is on my “to do” list?  I need to clean moldy stuff out of the refrigerator, finish sewing my office curtains,  grade the tests I gave last week, continue watching lectures and doing homework for my online course, take a test for my online course, clean up my office space, organize the tax stuff, buy and send my dad’s belated birthday gift, have the car serviced (oil change, tire rotation), and re-write some worksheets that past students have told me were helpful.  The worksheets are a combination of typed bits and hand-drawn bits, and I plan to re-make them as entirely electronic documents.  Whether that means scanning the hand-drawn bits or re-creating them in Word remains to be seen.

Oh yeah, I have two netflix movies that I have had for months now and which I haven’t watched yet.  I should do that too.

You might think, gosh, you surely got a good start on all that stuff over the weekend, right?  Well, if you did think that, you would be wrong.  The weekend was for laundry,  working on my own physics homework, tutoring the aforementioned two students in physics, going to Spring Ball (put on by the Delaware Valley Branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society), more physics, more laundry, church, going to the Brunch Dance (also put on by the RSCDS, Delaware Valley Branch), the weekly teleconference for my online physics graduate course, and an unexpected and long nap.  I should have gone to a dance rehearsal as well, but as I am not in the next performance, I had the nap instead.

OK, those were my lists.  I will be trying to write often this week, so I can catch up with explaining my life.  I wonder why blogging didn’t make it onto the to-do list?  Oh well.  I don’t really need any more items on that list.

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