Ack-no time! (again)


I gave a test today. Plus I have lab reports to grade. And I haven’t started the work for my online physics class this week. And it has been pointed out to me that I have not been making progress on the online “21st-century teaching” course I am forced to take by the state and the school district. And the end of the marking period is the end of next week!

I want to make new seating charts for the next marking period, I have to plan the remaining 5.5 weeks before the AP Physics exam such that we’ll actually see all the material before the day of the test, and I still have a list on the whiteboard in my office of things to do that don’t even relate to school…

“Exciting” weekend plans include a trip to the H-Mart because it’s our source for 50-lb bags of medium grain kokuho or calrose rice, and laundry, and I will probably spend most of Saturday catching up on the online physics class. Plus it might be time to prune the rose bushes…they have lots of leaves sprouting on them!

So that is what is going on here. Just busy, busy, busy! So, take a deep breath…and get right back into grading papers! As the little sign on my computer monitor says in large, red, capital letters, GET TO WORK!!

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