Where was it? Well, first let me tell you that the last place I remembered using it was at a meeting at a local university, where I was helping to plan our local physics teachers’ spring conference. I was sure I had not left it at the meeting, since my colleague would have sent me an e-mail telling me he had it. I did not leave it in my bag. It had not fallen out in the car. It was not on the floor of my office. It was not under some pile of “important stuff.”

This morning, as I prepared to attend day two of the local physics teachers’ spring conference that I had helped plan, I pulled my 3-ring binder out of the bookcase. The binder I took to the planning meeting. The binder in which I keep notes relating to the organization.

My calendar was in the binder.

It was safely tucked (invisibly) into the bookcase all this time. My fellow messy-desk people out there will understand when I say, this is why I shouldn’t clean up! If I had behaved in my usual manner and just pulled all my stuff out of my bag and piled it on the desk (or table, or floor…), presumably I would have found my calendar much sooner. But instead, I was trying to be tidy, and put the binder away as soon as I had gotten home. I am very glad I found my calendar! I feel better about myself because I was sure I had carelessly managed to dump it in a trash or recycling container. I am not so careless after all! Just forgetful!

So, the physics teachers’ conference? We had a good meeting, including a talk by Gino Segrè of the University if Pennsylvania, author of Faust in Copenhagen: A Struggle for the Soul of Physics, and a talk by Robert Beck Clark of Brigham Young University. Our own members provided some excellent contributed papers as well, and a selection of afternoon workshops. There was also lots of good conversation and networking, and stories!  I came home afterward after 4 and slept until dinnertime, and I have been pretty useless since dinner. I feel very drained. It must be bedtime (again)!

2 Responses to “Aha!”

  1. little sister Says:

    I’ve misplaced one of my favorite pairs of soccer shorts actually. It’s been missing for months, and I have no idea how I misplaced it cause I don’t do anything weird with my soccer gear EVER. It’s pretty much: clean folded and in the drawer it belongs in, on me while I play soccer, or in the dirty laundry hamper. I don’t ever have a reason to carry my soccer shorts to an event in a bag to change later at, nor do I ever change out of them unless it’s to toss them straight into the hamper. I’m baffled, and am almost resigned to never seeing them again except for the fact that I can’t understand how they could have been lost… so I still find myself looking behind the laundry hamper and beside the washing machine once a week kinda hoping that I just didn’t see those shorts last time but they were really actually there all along….

    anyway, congrats on finding the calendar! That must feel good to have that mystery solved!!

  2. little sister Says:

    would you believe that I found my shorts? They were stuck behind the dresser drawer!! I can’t believe I didn’t look there for the last several months!!

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