I’m still here!

Grades were due, I had 5 homeworks and a test to do in my online physics course, I was under pressure to complete the OTHER online course I was required to take, I was behind in grading after the physics teachers’ conference, and I really felt snowed under for a couple of weeks, there. But I’m still here, I have taken care of a lot of the stuff that needed doing, and I will be writing more soon, I promise!

A quick note, though: I am really happy to have my car back! About 4 weeks ago, a teenager out shopping for a prom dress with her friend smashed into the side of our car while my husband was out getting groceries. Nobody was hurt, and the car the teenager was driving was barely dented, but we had to get both passenger-side doors and the rear passenger-side quarter panel replaced. And I’ve been driving a rental car to work for 4 weeks. It’s the same kind of car as ours: a Toyota Prius, but without some of the features we have like a backup camera and a place to plug our mp3 players into the stereo. Anyway, HOORAY! MY CAR IS MINE AGAIN! (well, ours, but I’m the one who drives it all the time.) I picked it up yesterday from the body shop, in exchange for a large check from the insurance company. *grin*

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