I’m sure this has happened to you

UPDATE: This evening we got a very nice phone call from the head of tech support from the company discussed in this post. They found this blog entry and were embarrassed that one of their tech support people had sent out the letter quoted below. They do not, in fact, recommend that I reformat my hard drive, and they expect the problem to be solved very soon. I appreciate that Apple caught them by surprise with the Java update, and the timing was unfortunate that it happened several days before my last teleconference. It is good to see that companies are paying attention to “the interwebs” and responding. I have read that Comcast also searches blog posts for complaints.

The letter below is still, however, hilarious.

Last night I was supposed to have my last teleconference with my online graduate course. I tried to log in as usual a little before 8 PM. Nothing happened. After trying again and failing again, I called the professor, who suggested I call tech support. I spent most of the hour with tech support and was not able to fix the problem. The nice tech support guy said he would elevate my problem to “level two” and I would get an e-mail.

I got the e-mail today. Here it is:

We have marked your issue as solved. You can find all the details to your ticket here by following the link below.
If you feel your issue was not solved or incorrectly marked as solved, please reopen your ticket and include any details you feel are necessary.
Thank you for using Elluminate Live!

Hello [teawithbuzz],

Below is some information on the recent release of the J2SE6 Java version that MAC/Apple released last week. Unfortunately, since you have installed this update already, yes, there will be some complications with the use of Elluminate due to that update.

Because of Apple’s new Java version not allowing the user to revert back to the previous version (unlike a windows operating system and Java version), we have found that the only way to revert back to the previous version, is to reformat your MAC/apple and once that is done, to NOT install the J2SE6 Java version.

We understand your frustration, as reformatting computers is not always easy. We are currently working with Apple in creating a resolution for this issue. Please remember to perform a backup of any information you deem important, or that you require (email files, pictures, documents, contacts, etc..) before reformatting your computer.


[name omitted]

Technical Services Specialist – Tier II
Elluminate, Inc.

Apple has just released a new version of Java: J2SE6 for Mac OS X 10.5.

The J2SE6 release is currently incompatible with Elluminate Live! We have notified Apple of the issue and are investigating potential work around options.

This update is not mandatory and we strongly recommend against installing it at this time. Unfortunately there is no easy way to un-install J2SE6 once installed.

I have edited this letter slightly from the original, but the part in bold was in bold in the letter they sent. My husband’s response was “That’s hilarious.” My problem is solved, as far as the Elluminate tech support people are concerned. I just have to completely reformat my computer.

[You should be laughing now. It really is hilarious. Of course I’m not doing it.]

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