I’m not a “foodie”

This is not a food blog. I write about a lot of different things. But I appreciate good food and I enjoy reading food blogs such as Mac & Cheese (mostly restaurant reviews), Orangette, Just Bento (though I don’t make bento lunches) and Slashfood (which reports anything vaguely food-related). There are many more out there on the internet! I would hate to feel like I had to write about my meals every day. However, sometimes it is worth making the effort, like today.

Tonight as we ate dinner, my husband remarked “this is why we don’t eat out more often.” I had to agree. We had a very yummy dinner. It started with an e-mail this rainy morning: let’s have spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. Garlic bread. Salad. There was a shopping list.

I got home finally with the groceries at around 5 PM. We sprang into action. Me: hard boil eggs (I use Julia Child‘s method , below). Him: chop onion and red pepper, open cans of tomato products. He makes a yummy tomato sauce, a recipe that as far as I know he created. He added some Trader Joe’s Meatless Meatballs this time. Then he started on the garlic bread, combining buttery spread with garlic and spices. This was slathered on two halves of a French bread loaf, and awaited the oven. I took some of the remaining bread and cubed it, melted some butter with more garlic and herbs in the microwave, and combined them in a bowl. I put my croutons in the oven and he started water for pasta. A little while later, the garlic bread went in the oven, spaghetti went in the pot, and I washed some of our CSA romaine.

Not too long after, we sat down to a delicious dinner. Simple ingredients, not that expensive, and (another of his comments) the doggie bag is huge! We’ll be able to eat the entire same dinner again tomorrow! Plus, it really didn’t take that long to make.

Here’s the salad. I’m calling it “Not Caesar Salad.” First of all, while it has romaine lettuce and croutons, I added cucumber. The salad dressing is “vegan Caesar” which means it isn’t Caesar at all, since there are no eggs and no parmesan in it (much less anchovy). We made up for the egg and parmesan by adding the hard boiled egg and freshly grated parmesan ourselves. The croutons came out fabulous. I might make croutons every week from now on, they are so easy.

Here is how Julia Child said to hard-boil eggs in The Way to Cook:

Use a pot that is tall rather than wide. Place the eggs in the pot and cover with water. Bring to a boil quickly and then remove the pot from the heat for 17 minutes. Remove the eggs and place in ice water for two minutes. Meanwhile, turn the heat back on under your pot. After two minutes in the ice water, return the eggs to the boiling water for 10 seconds, then put them back in the ice water. After a few minutes (up to 20) you can peel them easily. She says to peel all of them for storage, but I store them in the shells. Don’t do more than a dozen at once.

One Response to “I’m not a “foodie””

  1. Doris Says:

    You’re beginning to sound like a foodie to me…

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