Life and … goggles?

Since Wednesday, I’ve been experiencing massive sinus drainage down the back of my throat, and difficulty maintaining energy for very long at all. My voice sounds like it’s about to fail, my right ear keeps clicking at me, and my nose can’t decide whether to let me breathe trough it or not. Bleah. Does that stop me? No. Of course not.

Thursday was the day we took the physics classes to a local amusement park to measure accelerations and times and forces, so they could understand viscerally what we mean by inertia and “normal” force and free fall and then fill out a packet and make some graphs placing all that excitement and fun into the language of mathematics. I spent hours on my feet, in the sun. I had a great time. I went on roller coasters and ate way too many calories of food.

Friday I felt drained of energy, and worse than I felt Wednesday. I came home from school and fell asleep on the sofa. Oh, that’s no different from most Fridays, except this Friday I found the Scripps National Spelling Bee on TV when I woke up and that was pretty exciting. But I am not able to sleep through the night due to the gunk in my head, and even my old standby pseudoephedrine has not seemed to make a dent in the problem.

I would have preferred to stay on the sofa all day today, but I went to school to help a student with an end-of-year project. We spent a good 20 minutes running around the school trying to get to the science classrooms…all the right doors were locked from the other side, and I couldn’t find a custodian. The athletic director, who was busy with all-day lacrosse, let me into the building three times. Yes, three, the third time going with me all the way up to the room so I could be sure of reaching it. Sigh. I wonder if I should bake her some cookies.

I did spend the REST of the day on the sofa, once I was home, except for the half hour I spent in the bathroom gargling with salt water and running salt water through my nose (in one nostril, out the other) with my neti pot. For five minutes after I was done, I felt great! I just hope I can get most of this cold over with tomorrow because next week is a busy one—the AP kids are finishing their Rube Goldberg machine, we are going to film it, and the seniors have their last day of classes on Wednesday. I’m giving a test on Tuesday to my other classes, and then starting the remaining juniors on special relativity. I will need energy!

So the goggle thing. Yes.

I first got my own goggles for an innocent enough reason. I own an electric drill. I think I even bought that first pair of safety goggles at the hardware store, rather than st…borrowing them from school. Not very exciting, just plain, clear plastic with little ventilation holes punched in the sides, and the usual elastic band. They make that nice goggle-line across my forehead and cheekbones, just like the kids on their way out from chemistry class have.

Then I discovered Junkyard Wars, thanks to a friend. And I got goggle envy. A few years later when I started working at the science camp, I ran a three-day junkyard wars competition and at the flea market down the road where I was buying appropriate junk I found a pair of welding goggles for a dollar. How could I pass that up? I wore those goggles for three weeks (mostly on top of my head or around my neck). Besides, you never know when you’ll need to watch a solar eclipse, or even weld! I don’t actually know how to weld, but I think I could take a class at the local community college.

One October, my husband brought home old-style aviator goggles, to go with his leather, faux-fleece lined aviator helmet. It was for a costume. By then my old original goggles were getting yellowed and scratched, so we got safety-glasses style goggles for our occasional projects.

It never occurred to me that I had a goggle obsession.

Then a few weeks ago I ordered a pair of “mad scientist goggles” from the Girl Genius online store. I was bringing a sixth pair of goggles into a house that only two people live in. I love my new goggles. But they came with an arch-nemesis. My arch-nemesis is apparently named “Optichox” and has a secret base in an obsidian pyramid in downtown Munich. His? Her? nefarious plan is to tear asunder the dimensional barriers and allow QUOHOGG, a friendly and entirely benevolent 8th dimensional intelligence, free access to our world. Optichox is out to get me because my research in trans-dimensional harmonics is coming rather close to uncovering proof of the existence of evil world-devouring intelligences in the 8th dimension!

Anyway, I wore my goggles all day at the amusement park on Thursday (again, mostly around my neck), and even had my caricature drawn while wearing them (check out the t-shirt I am wearing in the drawing!). Some of my students think the goggles are great, others just ask why I would want them. I think I have a thing for goggles, actually. I guess it’s a good thing that my chosen profession allows me to wear them often. And think: liking goggles is pretty harmless. I could be collecting expensive shoes or leather furniture! But it is just goggles!

4 Responses to “Life and … goggles?”

  1. flamendialis Says:

    >Thursday was the day we took the physics classes to a local >amusement park to measure accelerations and times and >forces

    How did you do this? Did you use accelerometers? I would like to know if they are some of the same things that show g forces in F1. Did the amusement park people give you some data to work with?

  2. little sister Says:

    sorry you’ve been less than healthy recently. I hate it when something like that slows me down. If you had a sore throat I’d recommend making tea with some organic apple cider vinegar and honey added.

    LOVE the goggles. :)

  3. Maya Acosta Says:

    :3 love the goggles, i really want to get a pair like those for myself.

  4. Elizabeth Says:

    Your goggles are amazing! I really want to order a pair. I searched for the Girl Genius online store, but couldn’t find the goggles. Do you have a link for where to order a pair? Thanks!

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