Verizon Service: Thumbs Down

Today marks day FIVE of no land line service or internet in our household. So we’re taking some time at Starbucks to enjoy snacks, beverages, and $10/day hotspot access.

The saga starts with lack of internet on Wednesday morning, discovered by my husband. I checked the outside NID box when I got home (and got soaked when a downpour occurred while I was still doing that) and called Verizon, giving them my husband’s contact numbers, since being at school all day I can’t get incoming calls. They said they would try to get someone out on Thursday, but it would more likely be on Friday.

Thursday they called my husband’s work number to say they would be able to come to our house on Friday. When by 5 PM Friday there was no sign, I called Verizon again. The helpful support agent said he’d put it in as a “missed appointment” and to call back if nobody showed up by noon on Saturday.

At 12:15 on Saturday, I called Verizon again. This time I was shunted up to a supervisor, who said that someone HAD been out on Friday and marked the repair ticket as “incomplete.” She conceded that someone should have called my husband to explain this, remarked that there were three medical emergencies that had taken priority over our call, and promised that someone would be coming out on Sunday before 5 PM.

Well, they managed to arrive before 9:30 AM, only to tell us that we’ve “got [our]selves a problem” and the problem is in the line coming to our house. That fellow said he’d have to explain it to his manager on Monday and they’d be in touch. You can read my husband’s version of this tale at Positively Gaming.

We do have a lot of trees and undergrowth on our property. It’s clear that our local land-line service makes us customers low on the priority list for Verizon: we don’t have their long distance, internet, or FiOS service to make us valuable. So we are investigating our options. Cavalier telephone operates in our area, as does Comcast and RCN. We’ve tried Comcast’s cable modem in the past and found the service spotty at times. Supposedly an RCN representative lives on our block, according to the previous owners of our home.

Anyway, if you need to get in touch, try my cell phone still. I can read my e-mail from work, but I don’t spend all day there (despite what it sometimes sounds like.)

Other news:

  • Only two weeks left of school! (OK, now I am counting.)
  • There is a heat wave going on right now and we’ve finally turned on the A/C.
  • Buzz is spending his time either on top of his cat tree or in front of an A/C vent.
  • I still have congestion left over from this cold, but I am feeling much more energetic.
  • I have acquired a Nintendo DS game system, through a process that deserves its own blog post. I’ll give one hint: it was free!
  • I now have a facebook page, so if you want to “friend” me, go search for my name there. If you don’t know my name, then maybe we aren’t that close friends and you should comment some more on my blog so I can get to know you.
  • My school’s yearbook doesn’t include me! They FORGOT me! Bummer!

One Response to “Verizon Service: Thumbs Down”

  1. little sister Says:

    I’m REALLY curious about the DS story now!!!

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