Verizon more evil than previously reported

I didn’t think I was capable of being even more angry at Verizon.

Today I got the usual monthly Verizon bill. It gave us credit for having not had any service from June 5 to June 8. In addition, it is an advance bill and covers service through July 11. So I called Verizon. I spent an hour on the phone and talked to a total of 5 people. The first one told me that she couldn’t help me but financial services could. Financial services told me that they couldn’t help me and that I needed to talk to customer service. That transfer dropped my call. That was the first 25 minutes. I called the customer service number that I got from the financial services guy before he tried to transfer me, which was different from the number off my bill. But it was the same phone system.

The customer service agent who finally picked up from the horrible music they have on hold (it is very static-y and keeps cutting out so you think someone is picking up but they aren’t really and the music comes back) got to listen to my very fast refusal to be shunted off to financial services again. She kept saying not to pay the bill and there would be a rebate on the next (and final) bill. I kept insisting that we had been without service for 10 days, not four. After about three go-rounds with this, I asked to speak to a supervisor. More horrible hold.

Then I got the supervisor, who actually called the repair branch of Verizon, and eventually came back and said that the repair people had logged us as HAVING service from June 9 to June 12!!!

I was appalled. I told her that whoever said that was a flat-out liar. How could they say we had dial tone when the guy on Sunday the 8th had come and gone without fixing anything? They clearly never called us–they COULDN’T have called us on our land line…you might think they they might try calling us to check up on their service and maybe even thank us for our patience. If they had called, they would have heard the repeating tone that isn’t a busy signal, but means there’s no connection. (We know about this signal because we tried calling home from work on a daily basis to see if we could get through to the answering machine.)

Well, the supervisor was able to change the computer record so that it showed the outage from June 4 to June 13, on my say-so. Then she put me in touch with financial services and actually stayed on the line while the financial services person changed my billing so that there is no longer an automatic deduction from our bank account. This upcoming final bill is one I want to go over with a fine-toothed comb when it arrives. I REALLY hope that it will be acceptable and I won’t have to spend another hour on the phone with Verizon. I have come to really hate dealing with Verizon. Hate a LOT. By the time the second phone call was over, a whole hour had passed. Grrrr.

In other bad news, I seem to be having a relapse of my cold. The post-nasal drip is back with a vengeance, and now my ears are filled with fluid. They’re not infected, but I can’t hear as well as usual and it isn’t comfortable. I saw a doctor today to get a prescription for that. She said if it doesn’t clear up in about a week, come back and she’ll prescribe the steroids that really do work, but which are steroids.

In the meantime, it was a day of manual labor at school. Cleaning up, taking down posters, sorting, putting away, recycling paper, double-checking grades, getting my check-out sheet initialed by appropriate people. Not very exciting, though I did find some things I had misplaced, which was good.

Tomorrow is the last day of school for teachers, and I won’t go back until AP scores are in, in mid-July.

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