A week ago I found a baby holly tree when I was weeding. I carefully dug it up and potted it and mulched it and watered it, and placed it on the back porch.

I went away to visit my parents in the meantime (more on that later). This morning when I looked out the back window, I saw a ring of leaf compost mulch around the pot with the holly. I ran outdoors, and found the poor, wilted, little baby tree lying sadly on the deck, with a blackened leaf and its root as long as the tree is tall still attached. Alas, I placed it in the garbage can and will have to find something else for the pot. Maybe that baby japanese maple I also found (and didn’t dig up) when I was weeding last weekend. Only how to protect it?

Darn those squirrels!! GRRR!

One Response to “Foiled!”

  1. Doris Says:

    Can you make a wire cage to fit over the pot and tree? It might discourage them from digging it up, although I must admit your squirrels aren’t easily foiled. Good luck!

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