Ah, summer days, tra-la

All those weekends I stressed over papers I had to grade or lessons I had to prepare; all those evenings when I fell onto the sofa, exhausted; this is when I have that time back.

So, I pull weeds, wash dishes (Greg does more of that during the school year), cook more often, and make to-do lists.  And watch the Tour de France, and watch wildlife.

Wildlife?  Well, suburban wildlife.  Yesterday we found a praying mantis and a small brown snake while pulling out some poison ivy from the front garden.  There are lots of birds at the birdfeeder, in addition to the white squirrel.  I’ve only been seeing one white squirrel at a time lately…so I don’t know what is going on in that community.  Did the one I saw in early spring going at it with a gray squirrel have her babies?  Did two of them die?  Has a squirrel gotten territorial and chased the others away?  There’s a little bird that lands on the wooden dowel of the bird feeder and keeps slipping upside down.  That happened to the woodpecker too, until it figured out how to balance on the top of it, sideways.  There are cardinals and chickadees and titmice and lbj’s (little brown jobs).  And wood doves, which are basically backyard pigeons, as opposed to street pigeons.

So far this summer I haven’t seen (or heard) the foxes that we’ve sometimes had in the backyard, and I also haven’t seen the hawk I saw last year.  But we haven’t had any problems with rabbits, despite some of my friends complaining bitterly that they are overrun with rabbits this year.  However, I found a really huge Japanese beetle in my roses on Saturday.  Ugh!

Here are some (out-of-focus) pictures:

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