I used to hate yogurt.

Most yogurt tastes like sour milk to me, which I find repellent.  I have tried many varieties, and found that they’re pretty much all terrible-tasting to my palate.

Until last month, when I tried Fage greek yogurt.  With honey, over granola or fruit with honey, in a cucumber salad, I finally like yogurt!  Here is my breakfast of the other day, before mixing it up:  granola, Fage yogurt, organic local honey.  Yum!  So if you think you don’t like yogurt, try this.  Once, anyway.  You can get it in small containers, with honey included.

I still don’t like raw tomatoes, though.  Or olives, or wasabi.

2 Responses to “Yogurt”

  1. little sister Says:

    mmm… tomatoes, and olives, and wasabi!


  2. Joanna Says:

    Okay, just tried my first container of Fage (I had to resort to this because Whole Foods, which I can usually count on to have the only yogurt I like – Stoneyfield Farms Fat Free Lotsa Lemon was sold out of it, as most stores usually are…). And while it was less scary than I feared, and certainly had good texture, it still had that sour yogurt-y taste. And the price!

    I might try some other flavours though, for the moments when I need a portable brakfast for work and the store is, once again, out of Lemon.

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