Away for a week

FreshCSACorn, originally uploaded by TeaWithBuzz.

I’m off for a family vacation in the Adirondacks. I won’t be blogging from there. However, I thought I would leave you with a photo of the beautiful corn we got on Thursday from our CSA. The first couple of weeks that we had this organic corn, the ears were wormy or otherwise “organic-looking”. However, this batch was just amazingly perfect. We ate four ears immediately, and I cooked and froze the rest. I now have a quart of fresh corn in the freezer.

One Response to “Away for a week”

  1. little sister Says:

    oh wow… that corn is BEAUTIFUL!!!

    have fun in the Adirondacks. I’ve heard that’s the place that stand-up comics start their careers or something….. I’m not terribly familiar with the east coast tho, so I don’t know if that’s a punchline to a joke or fact or whatever…

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