End of summer

Well, I must be back in school because once again I have no time.

I spent several exhausting days at school this week preparing for the school year to begin, sitting in meetings, working on my school website (where students can get their assignments and stuff), putting up posters, and taking the sequel to the stupid online professional development course we all took last year.

In the evenings I mostly didn’t accomplish anything, except for Tuesday when I put together my new lateral file cabinet, which looks better than my old filing cabinet, holds a little more than the old one, and also lets me see ALL the files (I was having difficulty with the ones in the back of the drawer on my old one.)  Oh, and Monday evening I worked on the sequel to the really great online physics graduate course I took in the spring.  This one is on Electric and Magnetic Interactions, and also involves the computer programming that I learned in the spring.

Then on Friday the refrigerator died.

Our new one is being delivered tomorrow morning, since we got to Sears too late on Saturday to get next-day delivery.  It is Energy-Star rated, and supposedly will cost only $54/year to run, but that won’t be true because we pay extra for electricity generated by the wind (I signed us up a few months ago–we already had some of our electricity from wind but now we are buying all wind energy.)  But it will use less electricity than our old ugly refrigerator and will match the rest of our kitchen appliances (we have also replaced the stove and the dishwasher since buying this house, choosing white for both).

I am still working on the guest room project, having stalled dramatically while trying to prevent summer from ending.  But the walls are washed and spackled, and partially sanded.  So here’s what’s next: finish sanding, use the tackcloth to remove all the dust, put blue tape where it needs to be, paint the ceiling, let dry, paint second coat, let dry, change up the blue tape, prime the walls, let dry, paint the walls, let dry, decided if it needs a second coat, do that if necessary.

That sounds like a lot!  And it doesn’t even get to the floor!

Someday soon I will take photos of my new glasses–both regular and reading.  Then you can see how cool they are.  In the meantime, this small spate of news will have to hold you, because I will be writing a lot less now (not that I am ever really prolific).

Enjoy the end of summer!

One Response to “End of summer”

  1. little sister Says:

    the refrigerator is dead. long live the refrigerator!

    too bad I can’t be out there to help your sand and paint. I love those kinds of projects.

    and, how cool you have the option to be 100% on wind power! I priced out what it would cost to install a small solar array on my roof and use it to partially provide the energy my house needs, but even though I’d LOVE to do something like that, it didn’t add up financially in a way that I could justify it. :(

    If I had gobs of extra money, I probably would have gone ahead and done it… but it doesn’t make sense taking out a loan for an ideal.

    I’ll see if I can move to all wind tho. I’m on partial wind energy now, which is the most I’ve recalled seeing available to me…

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