Back to having no time!

OK, school has started and I have no time again.  So what has been going on?

Well, school.  I have three classes of “honors” level physics 1, which is my school’s middle level–“academic” is our conceptual level and “seminar” is our most challenging level.  I haven’t taught this level of physics 1 since my first year in this school, and I am now in my 7th year there.  As a result, I have slightly more obedient kids than usual who know a bit more about math, graphing, and significant figures.  They had a more demanding chemistry class than the kids I’m used to, and are expecting rigor.

On Friday one of my physics 1 classes presented the results of our pendulum experiment to each other.  Two groups had both investigated the relationship between the period of the pendulum and  how far back you pull it in order to start it going.  One group said they had found a proportional relationship, and their graph showed a slightly slanted set of points.  The other group had more of a zig-zag, and decided that the data indicated no relationship.  The two groups were in disagreement, and they had a lovely little scientific argument with each other using their data to back up what they were saying.  It was great!

My other two physics 1 classes will be doing that tomorrow.

I also have one class of physics 2, non-AP, and we are doing a unit on measurement and uncertainty to begin.  Then we will do fluids!  Fluids are fun, because we’ll float things in air and in water, and maybe in some other substances, and we can make hydrometers and Cartesian divers and investigate viscosity!

I’ve got several new kids in Science Olympiad, and I’m signed up for the October 6 Science Fair meeting.  Physics Olympics is getting underway, and I am hosting the first meet at my school.  That will also be in October.

I have my new glasses, I’m immersed in my online graduate course (in between church and Scottish dance demo rehearsal and laundry and meals I have been working on a lab all day for class), and today was the first day I was back in church since June.  Of course I had to say hi to lots of friends who I hadn’t seen for a few months!

So, in other words I am back to being as busy as ever!

Here are the new glasses.  My loving husband watched me try to take this photo and thought it was hilarious.  The red-looking ones are the reading glasses, and in real life are much more purple-y, but the camera flash sometimes distorts colors.

Here I am wearing the regular-vision glasses.

3 Responses to “Back to having no time!”

  1. E.C. Says:

    The glasses are quite cute indeed.

  2. little sister Says:

    out of curiosity.. what level of Physics 1 have you been teaching for the past 6 years?

  3. teawithbuzz Says:

    Hi little sister, I have been teaching the conceptual level. I’ve really enjoyed it. However, I am also really enjoying these slightly-more-mathematically-prepared kids this year as well, and we are already doing more sophisticated work than I had the conceptual kids do. And I think EVERYONE turned in their lab reports on time, and several of the kids even asked questions first to make sure they were doing it right!
    Such things make me happy.
    Is that sad? good? unremarkable? indicative of low expectations? Nevermind I’m going to go cook dinner.

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