My husband and I have been very good about bringing our own bags to the grocery store.  We keep a bunch of tote bags in the car and I mostly remember to put them back in the car after bringing the groceries into the house.  As a result, we are getting critically low on the plastic bags that we use for

  • small wastebasket liners
  • disposing of the results of cleaning the cat’s litter box
  • disposing of the mice we’ve been trapping indoors now that the weather is cooler
  • containing the foam packing peanuts that come in boxes
  • pulling out and disposing of poison ivy

…and myriad other uses.

Seriously, we are down to fewer than 10 bags with no holes, and some of them are odd sizes that can’t be used as a wastebasket liner.

Such are the consequences of being green.  The next time I go to the store, I’m going to have to get plastic bags.  We’ve also had to figure out an alternative to using paper bags to put our paper recycling in.  We’ve solved that with cardboard boxes…but we have to remember not to dump the boxes in the paper recycling (we take it to a community bin because our community does not do curbside recycling) but to bring them home instead.

Other consequences I’ve been thinking of:

  • If I assign students work to hand in, I will have to evaluate/grade/mark it
  • If I go to bed too late, I have a hard time getting up on time
  • If I put the wool blanket on the bed, the cat will spend a lot more time on the bed than usual
  • If I wait to the last minute to do my graduate course work, I get stressed about it

As I tell my students, every action has consequences.  It is up to you (or in this case, me) to decide how to act and then to deal with the consequences.

3 Responses to “Consequences”

  1. Melissa R. Says:

    Ahh, yes. I’ve been wondering what I’ll do when I finally run out of reusable plastic bags. But then, I bought a box of garbage bags when I moved in here, in, um, January but really living here when Verizon was sorted out in February. I’m not half-way through it yet. I generate a kitchen garbage bag every, um, maybe three weeks? two to four, depending? I *love* having a friend who takes my kitchen scraps for compost!! Saves me lots of odor issues, plus, compost!

    Cat litter: I’ve taken to using Swheat Scoop, made of wheat, really honestly no-kidding flush-able. Plus it doesn’t smell hideous until it’s ready to be changed, and it’s far lower in dust than the clay stuff. My two cat-owning cat-sitters have both been converted. (I ought to write and tell them so–maybe they’ll send me Valuable Money-Saving Coupons.)

  2. little sister Says:

    ah HA! you should consider getting a myriad of bags from these guys

    They make sanitary, compostable, carbon neutral, eco-friendly “corn plastic” bags.

    I was able to get 25 “small T shirt bags” which are the perfect size for poop-scooping my puppies’ piles at the dog park for $1.45 at an earth-friendly-ideas expo I went to earlier this year called the “Better Living expo.”

    TrellisEarth make all sorts of sizes, and other earth friendly products.

    I just took a gander at their website tho, and it sounds like they only sell their bags online by the butt-load. huh. Maybe I’ll get you a couple packs at the next Better Living expo in 2009? Let me know!

  3. arealityofmyown Says:

    Great post! I was just thinking about what to do when I run out of plastic bags. Here is Santa Barbara, the city wants to ban their use totally. I don’t think they have thought about the trash problem it creates for so many of us. I am happy to see “little sister’s” link to the green version, although 1000 bags will last me a lifetime and at less than $0.01 per bag, that isn’t bad.


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