Long Island Cheese, etc

So, Long Island Cheese is a type of pumpkin, or squash.  It looks just like a round of cheese, as you can see of the photo of Buzz checking it out:

Isn’t it pretty?  I’m going to let it be a decoration for a while before cutting it up and cooking it, and freezing the pulp to use in pie, soup, muffins, or whatever.  By taking this pumpkin from the CSA delivery this week, I have to let our friends who share our share to take the next pumpkin that comes along…they just don’t keep as long is you split them in half, nor are they as useful as décor.

What else is going on?

In school news, we had open house on Thursday night, and it was mostly successful for me.  I had a computer meltdown during one of my sessions with parents, and was unable to show the powerpoint I had spent all afternoon preparing, and just barely got into the interesting things on my school website, to which I had spent the afternoon adding a bunch of photos of what we’ve been doing so far this year.  I only managed to get as far as demonstrating real-time graphing of motion with a motion sensor with one of the physics 1 classes, but I did tell ALL of the parents about Physics Olympics!  I explained the homework system, talked about technology, and wore glowing LEDs in the school colors on my jacket lapel all evening.

In home news, I want to put one last coat of paint on the guest room this weekend before calling the walls done, and then I can take the blue tape off put up the new blinds.  Maybe I will even go shopping for curtains (how hard can it be to find plain white curtains?  I guess I’ll find out!)  Meanwhile, I have way too much cardboard in the house that needs to be recycled, but I need to wait for a non-rainy weekend day to take care of it.  The mail is piling up, end-of-the-month bills need to be paid, and as I did last weekend I left ALL my homework for my grad course until the weekend.  Plus, I hope to have all the lab reports in my backpack graded by Monday.  Yep, call me ambitious.

Well, it’s nearly noon and I’d better start the laundry, or it won’t get done today!

2 Responses to “Long Island Cheese, etc”

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