Here is an interesting game that tests how well you can “eyeball” things like angles and centers of circles.  Not lengths, though, which is useful too.  These are all geometric.  Try it!

My first score was 3.54.  A score of zero is perfect.

3 Responses to “Eyeballing”

  1. Melissa R. Says:

    Mm. I have this unfortunate issue with my track-pad button, where it lets go before I want it to. So I didn’t get 3.57 till my third try, when I only had one small error from that issue. Cool game!

  2. Heather Says:

    Great visual processing game! My visual acuity is on the downslide (post-40, slow change in focal depth, bifocals, sigh), so I wonder how that affects the results. I’m right on average (in the 4’s), though my scores for different areas vary wildly (much better with triangles and convergence than with circle or parallelogram, which tended to be in the 9-10 score range – meanwhile the convergence and triangles were in 0-2).

    I’m putting this one on G’s school games list, though – he’s low on visual processing, it might help to play with it a bit.

  3. teawithbuzz Says:

    Well, I made it to 2.78 on my third try playing the game. Three times is all I’ve done.

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