Physicists can make anything physics

The last time I talked with my mom, she said she’d stopped checking my blog because I wasn’t posting anymore.  Well it is true that my posts are becoming rare as I am swamped with school.  Plus I have already had two colds this month, which is in my opinion very unfair.  It is usual for me to have a cold this time of year, just in time for the local physics teachers’ fall demo night, when we get together on a Friday evening and share cool stuff we do.  It’s coming up this Friday.

I do plan to go to the demo night, and I’ll show off some vPython stuff and pitch the graduate course I’m taking that I posted about before.  Speaking of which, I just finished taking, scanning, and e-mailing the second test of the semester, and I am going to go to bed as soon as I finish writing this!

Meanwhile, I wanted to point out that the blogroll to the right has been changing, as I’ve been discovering blogs that are very cool.  I haven’t added a link to Twisted Physics, but I might, and I plan to put the blogger’s book The Physics of the Buffyverse on my summer reading list for 2009—seeing as I am a fan of the TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer and I usually have time to read in the summers.

Monday, Twisted Physics posted a video (see below) of a couple of MIT professors performing a song about special and general relativity.  Good physics, lots of real equations, but really long and set to a very recognizable tune that I’m pretty sure they don’t have the rights to.  If you are interested in physics songs (you must be, isn’t everyone?  I sure am!) then I recommend looking up Haverford College‘s Walter Smith.  He was kind enough to perform at our local physics teachers’ Spring Meeting a year and a half ago, and his song Ampere’s Law has been recorded by the band Broadside Electric on their Live: Do Not Immerse album.

By the way, all the lyrics to the song are posted at Science After Sunclipse.  The “8.033” refers to the number of the class—you know, those nerds at MIT have a number for everything.

3 Responses to “Physicists can make anything physics”

  1. Joanna Says:

    I still check your blog every weekday! I too have gotten caught up in the craziness of the semester, too tired to be witty/creative/interesting in writing by the time I sit down to right, I’ll just check Facebook and go to bed thing… But I want to write! Today I made a list of potential topics, figuring that if I at least had the headstart of an idea, it would be easier to begin rather than the pressure of being responsive to the day.

  2. little sister Says:

    hey cool! I made a blogroll! Thanks for the add!

    I guess that means I should post the 4 blogs bouncing around my head that I haven’t gotten down yet, eh?

  3. teawithbuzz Says:

    little sister, you’ve been on the blogroll for months! And of course you should be posting!

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