Mishmash of Stuff

I spent today thinking that if I just stay cheerful and pretend the huge mountain of things I need to do is only a little bit, then I can get through the week without melting down.  I am also pretending that I am very organized and everything is all set for Physics Olympics on Saturday.

In reality, it mostly is all set.  I have the custodial staff all informed and ready to set things up and unlock doors, I have a photographer coming in (a hobbyist friend who happens to have some free time and who is interested, thank you very much you know who you are!), a bunch of kids volunteering to make and put up signs (well, volunteering for extra credit, that is), and I am not actually running any of the events.  I have to record the scores and provide some of the problem-solving problems, but I am not actually running individual contests, just the overall logistics.

But I haven’t written my problem-solving problems, I have a large grading backlog, and next week I’m giving quarterly exams.  But I will still smile, because everything is all right, and the world won’t end and people will cope if somehow things aren’t perfect.  Thank you anti-anxiety meds!

In the meantime, here are some cool things I saw on blogs in my hour of down-time on the computer between coming home and dinnertime:

I’ll report on Physics Olympics sometime after Saturday…don’t hold your breath because I will still be really busy afterward!

4 Responses to “Mishmash of Stuff”

  1. jacqueline Says:

    what a fun rube goldberg machine on youtube! thanks for sharing that!!

  2. keikio Says:

    good luck… I admire your calmness.

  3. teawithbuzz Says:

    Calmness…yay for antianxiety meds!

  4. Doris Says:

    I know (in these days of multitasking) just one thing works when you have too much to do: just get started on something; just one thing! Getting started is the hardest part…everything after that is much easier. It’s like cleaning your room. If you look at the whole mess, the only solution that makes sense is to shut the door. But if you just pick up the shoes, or clear off the bedside table (and keep on going) it’s possible to get rid of the whole mess. More advice from someone who loves you!

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