Fat jerk seeds

Our CSA sent us a red kabocha squash a week and a half ago, and we used it this evening in one of our favorite recipes: penne with squash and roasted garlic.  A kabocha is also called a japanese pumpkin, and it is a very sweet squash.  Mostly they are green, but ours was the red kind, and it was a very deep reddish-orange.

After we had dinner, I roasted the seeds.  I used to only roast pumpkin seeds, but then I discovered you can roast the seeds of any winter squash.  The kabocha seeds were thicker and fatter than the usual pumpkin seeds, and took longer to roast than usual.

Normally I roast my seeds plain, but this time I sprinkled the seeds with “Jamaican Jerk” seasoning powder and  a dash of lime juice, in addition to the usual salt.  So, they are fat jerk seeds.  And they are yummy!

One Response to “Fat jerk seeds”

  1. little sister Says:

    ah! pretty!

    my mom facilitated the seed-harvesting of the too-early pumpkin I carved this season. The pumpkin has already gone gooshy and moldy, and hence is in my compost heap (prior to all hallow’s eve), but the seeds were roasted accordingly and eaten.


    If I had to come up with a fancy name for mine… um… I’d call mine: salted.

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