Drought is over

In 45 minutes we were down to 4 pieces of candy left, from two bags full.  Well, full minus the one piece I ate and the two my husband snagged.  This is our 6th Halloween in this house, and for the previous five years we’ve had about 2 groups of 1-3 little kids come trick-or-treating each year.  This resulted in LOTS of leftover extra candy.  I contemplated buying only one bag this year, but I had a coupon for a dollar off if I bought 2 bags, so I did.

And I am glad.  So many kids!  Some costumes were very cute, others were clearly spur-of-the-moment.  A young princess was escorted by her dad, a knight in shining armor.  A ten-year-old came by wearing a rainbow clown wig and a Phillies World Champions t-shirt.  Most of them weren’t clear on the concept of saying “trick or treat” in order to receive a piece of candy, but on the other hand they were nearly universally clear on the “thank you” idea except for the extremely shy ones.  Once I stood by the door waiting what seemed like a full minute, listening to a parent and older siblings trying to convince a young child to knock on our door.

Is it the economy that has made the difference this year?  Or is it the costume shop that set up two blocks away in the defunct Buick dealership this year for the first time?  Or maybe something else?

3 Responses to “Drought is over”

  1. Heather Says:

    We had the reverse – my mom’s house had four total groups of kids, and usually gets 10-12. It was QUIET out, and some houses said we were only the second group to come by.

    My kids flat out refused to say Trick-or-Treat, mainly because there’s something about the phrase that really bothers B’s ears. The auditory hypersensitivity is mostly gone, but he really can’t bear the ICK EET screech of little voices. They stuck with Happy Halloween, instead. That one was okay.

  2. teawithbuzz Says:

    We did have several groups who said Happy Halloween. I gave candy to all comers, regardless of what they said. I even gave a piece to the dad in a scary clown mask who held out his bag when the 5 kids he was escorting held out theirs.

  3. little sister Says:

    I found myself at home, in costume, killing time til the halloween party *I* was heading to later that night… so where I had bought the candy for myself and had my porch light off (bah humbug!), I finally turned it back on. I had nothing else going on really.

    During the 1 hour or so that I turned the porch light back on, I got 1 trick-or-treater. A little plush purple dragon. I held out the bowl of MY candy for the kid (who didn’t even say “trick or treat” btw) and the urchin took 2 handfuls.

    “Less calories for me to consume later,” is what I was mentally telling myself as I smiled at the kid’s dad and made a comment about how cute the kid was.

    Eh, this neighborhood isn’t exactly a hot spot for trick-or-treating. 5 years ago I went all out with a fog machine and everything… and sat around all night waiting. I got 2 trick-or-treaters total all night. After that pathetic first year I stopped planning on hanging out at home to hand out candy. There didn’t seem much point.

    I’m guessing a number of my neighbors feel the same way. Probably not many porch lights were even on this year. I doubted the little dragon had gotten much candy elsewhere, actually. Ok, I’ll share mine with him.

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