It’s the best!

Warning: girl stuff in this post.

Ever since I started shaving my legs and armpits as a teenager, I have been inept at it. Which is to say I tend to nick myself with the razor and it hurts.  So I have avoided shaving.  For years I didn’t shave at all, which gave some people the impression that I was vegetarian (I have no idea how that follows, but there you go) or possibly lesbian.  Why not “European” or “contra dancer” I don’t know.

For some more years, I shaved only in the summer, when my skin is less covered by clothing, and again right before any fancy winter event I might attend wearing sheer hose or a sleeveless dress.  Then even more recently, I bought one of those rotating-tweezer devices that yanks out your hair by the roots.  These work best when your hair is 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch long, so I  shave a week or two before I actually want to start using it and then just use that.  It works great, but the first couple of times each summer still hurt, as you might expect from yanking your hairs out by the roots.  And I do not enjoy pain!

In a couple of weeks, it will be New Year’s Eve, and time for the annual Hogmanay Ball.  I have a new outfit this year, and it is sleeveless, so I figured I’d better shave this weekend so I could use the rotating tweezer thingy and look all smooth and conventional for the ball.  I pulled a box out of the cupboard that contained a free razor that had arrived by mail several years ago addressed to my husband and set aside for “just in case.”  My husband uses an expensive electric shaver, so I figured I would use the freebie.

I showered, and tried the new razor on my armpit.  I had to double-check to make sure it had done something.  No scraping!  No burn!  It felt like gliding a piece of plastic under my arm.  And the shave was very very smooth!  I did my legs: same sensation.  No cuts!  No pain!  This thing is amazing!


I can highly recommend the Gillette Fusion razor to all of you who shy away from shaving due to nicks and cuts from your usual razor.  The five blades really do change the amount of pressure per blade (I can say that with confidence as a physics teacher) and it makes for very smooth skin afterward.  Here is a closeup of the blades:


In addition, the blade cartridge comes off the handle, so you just have to buy more blade cartridges when they go dull.

So, if you are looking for the best razor, ladies, go for this one.  I can’t speak for how it works on faces, so if there are any guys who manage to read this far through all the girl talk, you are on your own as far as testing it out.

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