New & Improved!

New and Improved, originally uploaded by TeaWithBuzz.

The “New & Improved!” box on the right contains one ounce less cereal than the box on the left. It also contains 3% less of my “daily whole grain needs” (down to 87% from 90%) and correspondingly contains 42g of whole grains compared to the 45g in the left hand box.

Now, if 45g is 90%, then 42g OUGHT to be 84%, if we use math.

Shredded Oats are still my favorite breakfast cereal, but I do question the use of the adjective “improved” in this case. Maybe it tastes better? I can’t tell.

UPDATE:  I have discovered the improvement!  The new smaller box actually fits on the shelf in the cupboard!  The old box only fit if I jammed it in on a slant.

One Response to “New & Improved!”

  1. little sister Says:

    it’s just a sign of the times… we ARE in a recession afterall.

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