The new outfit


As promised, here I am in my new outfit for Hogmanay.  I’m with my good friend and fellow blogger Joanna.  Thanks, Leonard, for taking the photo!

It’s a taffeta skirt with a sash and a separate top.  I’m wearing my wedding tiara as a choker (the jeweler who made the tiara converted it after the wedding) and I’ve already changed into my dancing shoes in the  photo.  The white bit in my skirt is the dance program, which is pinned by a ribbon to the waist of the skirt so I can glance at the directions before each dance.  It seems to be hiding behind the sash.

Pluses: easy to wear, easy to dance in, easy to get in and out of (no need to get hooked or zipped by my helpful husband), shows off tiara/choker well.  Minuses: shows off my flabby upper arms, required buying new underwear which still needs “Hollywood tape” to remain completely hidden, requires dry cleaning.

See you dancing!

5 Responses to “The new outfit”

  1. Doris Says:

    Thank you…you both look terrific! BTW, how do I connect to Joanna’s blog?

    • teawithbuzz Says:

      Just click on her name in the blog post, or in the sidebar to the right click on “festive yet tasteful.”

  2. Joanna Says:

    I love that you were wearing your tiara, albeit not on your head where it should have been!!! Next year – I will if you will…

  3. little sister Says:

    what a lovely skirt!!! did you make it yourself? on CYBER MONDAY (i.e. the first monday following Thanksgiving) I splurged on a great sale and bought myself my first sewing machine. I’d been stealing my mom’s from her for years, but she just keeps taking it back, so I figured if I’m really serious about learning to quilt maybe I should own my own?

    It’s a Singer Confidence, and has, among many other things, an auto-threading feature that just intrigues me…. :)

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