Since  a number of my friends are not on Facebook, I thought I would subject you to the “25 things” phenomenon here.   In Facebook, you are supposed to write a “note” containing 25 pieces of information about yourself, and you are supposed to “tag” friends so they can do it too.  I think it is “tag” in the sense of that game we played as kids where you run around trying to avoid being touched by whoever is “it,” not “tag” in the sense of label.

So here they are.  My 25 things.

1. I prefer red wine over white wine.

2. If you had told me 20 years ago that in 2009 I would unreasonably desire shoes and chocolate, I would never have believed you.

3. I love my job teaching more and more every year, and I also continue to love learning. I am learning to speak Japanese and I am learning some computer programming, and lately I have learned more physics than I knew before.

4. I plan to never dye my hair, which is already turning gray, to my disappointment. I had hoped to have hair like my dad’s, which didn’t really show any gray until he was about 50.

5. I had stopped enjoying photography when I went through a bad breakup in my early 20’s, but I have happily been rediscovering it. However, since I find it annoying to upload photos to facebook I don’t do it much.  (blog note: I do upload to flickr sometimes)

6. I can tell Keemun, Assam, Darjeeling, and Oolong apart by taste or smell, and I prefer to take mine plain, made with BOILING water poured over loose leaves. But I drink Lipton also.

7. Once I swore I would never again date a computer-game-player, but when I fell in love it was with a man who plays computer games and he is the best thing that EVER has happened to me. I even have a certain appreciation for computer games now.

8. Sometimes I am surprised and pleased that I have been able to solve a particular physics exercise, even though I have been solving them for over 20 years now (if you count high school too).

9. My mom says I once told her, as a child, that I wanted to marry a Japanese man. Well, my husband is only half Japanese, and I now have a Japanese-American mother-in-law who knows more about computers than I do.

10. OK, this isn’t news: I am a prodigious procrastinator, and it is a bad thing. I am aware of it and trying to get better, but it is a long hard road. It’s the things I don’t enjoy doing that I put off, instead of getting over them. What am I putting off right now? Grading the quizzes I gave yesterday.

(ok, only 15 more “things” to go, but I need to grade the rest of the front side of the quizzes first.)

11. When we bought a house I was excited to have a garden, until I discovered that I do not actually enjoy gardening. However, I do enjoy worm composting.

12. I still subscribe to the newspaper, but I fell so far behind on Sunday crossword puzzles that I have stopped clipping them. I love to read the comics pages even though a lot of the comics are dumb, and I hate it when my newspaper is late in the morning.

13. I enjoy owning a Nintendo DS Lite.

14. I am in favor of raising taxes and using the funds to (1) repair our infrastructure (2) provide universal health care and (3) convert to sustainable energy. I guess that makes me a “tax and spend liberal.” I hope my conservative friends will still be my friends.

15. Even though I don’t do it very often, I enjoy sewing.

16. I have an unhealthy relationship with potato chips.

17. My hairdresser told me never to comb my hair, and I love her for it. It makes my morning routine that mush shorter!

18. If I were building my own house, I would include a metal roof, solar panels, plenty of windows to put my houseplants in, built-in bookcases, a butler’s pantry, big enough closets, a room for playing Rock Band and DDR (my husband will live in my house with me, of course), and temperature zones for efficiently controlling the temperature in different places. There’s probably other important details, but it’s pretty much a moot point anyway.

19. With the exception of letters I received from an ex-boyfriend, I have kept almost every letter I have ever gotten, including a letter from Mr. Fred Rogers and an e-mail from one of my favorite authors, C. J. Cherryh. Actually, I think the ex-boyfriend’s letters are still in my parents’ house, unless they have thrown them away by now.

20. I’m not a big fan of opera.

21. People who wake up before their alarm clock rings and then get out of bed because they can’t sleep amaze me. I have no difficulty lying in bed not sleeping, if it is too early to get up.

22. I subscribe to MAKE magazine, but I have yet to make a project from it. I have issues 10 – 16 and someday, someday I will make cool stuff I learned about in MAKE’s pages.

23. I carry two “leatherman” tools in my schoolbag, and I enjoy fixing little things at school. I’m much more likely to fix something at school that I am at home. Though if it requires soldering, I’m on it. Do more things break at school than at home? Maybe…

24. I am more likely to get a word or name from the news stuck in my head than I am to get a song stuck there. I remember for a while it was “Rigoberta Menchu.” Did you ever notice that Rigoberta Menchu rhymes with domo arigatou? Maybe it only does that in my head…

25. I went to elementary school with singer-songwriter Ani DiFranco.

3 Responses to “25”

  1. Doris Says:

    I don’t remember your telling me you wanted to marry a Japanese. I do remember your telling me that you weren’t going to have any children because you were going to be an astronaut, and on the moon, and you wouldn’t be able to take care of them. I also remember that about the third word you learned to say was “cookie”…

  2. little sister Says:

    I love your list!!

    well, cept, like… I just colored my hair today. :P I like your hair tho. my hair color is just a little too mousy for me. I like myself darker.

    P.S. pleased to see you’ve come around to the DS Lite!! Greg got me a gameboy color and a pokemon game back when I was in grad school. I was unfamiliar with the game, but found myself playing it constantly. I was looking for jobs at the time, and on airplanes a lot for interviews, and took that thing with me everywhere. Small children would sidle up to me at airports and ask me where I was in the game, and give me hints about cheats and so on. Their moms would tell them to not bug me, but I actually thought it was pretty useful.

  3. little sister Says:

    btw… I love ani.

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