Waaaaay too much.

Tomorrow I will be checking things off lists very carefully, and getting a bunch of stuff ready for action of various sorts.  I expect to be at school late.

Saturday I am driving to NYC with four kids and a mom for a National Science Bowl competition.  We are leaving at 5 AM, which means I have to leave my house at about 4:20 AM.  I have no idea what time I will get home.

Then I have to switch my clock forward an hour, and you should too!

Monday I am taking a team to the Science Olympiad regional competition.  When I get them back to school and the last one goes home with a parent, I will hop into my car and zip home, change into something nice and professional for going out (including lipstick, probably), and hop back in my car so I can go present some awards at the Delaware Valley Science Council Awards Dinner.  I expect to be late to that.

I am co-supervising an event at Science Olympiad, and I have tomorrow after school and Sunday to put together my piece of it.  I’m finalizing exactly what that will be tonight over the phone.

Also tomorrow I have to put together my lesson plans for the sub for Monday, make sure all the Science Olympiad kids have goggles, aprons, calculators, and whatever else they need, and clean off my desk at school for the sub.  Plus fax the medical forms for the Science Bowl, and go grocery shopping.

And oh yeah, I still have a pile of labs to grade.  Surprise.

I will be incommunicado for a few days while I cope with the “doing waaaaay too much” mode that I’ll be in.

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