Pecan Pi Pumpkin Pie


This year I decided against ice cream pie in favor of pumpkin, having a freezer full of squash leftover from the CSA.  This morning I pulled out a baggie of 2 cups of squash pulp (probably the long island cheese pumpkin) that I’d transferred from the freezer to the fridge yesterday, and made the above pi pie.

I’m taking the pi pie as my “tea contribution” to a dance party tonight, where instead of dancing I plan to get a bunch of lab reports graded.  While that may seem odd to you, I find it is pretty effective.  I sometimes get more graded and do less staring into space if there are people who might be watching me.  My friends hosting the party will not be offended and the other guests have seen me do this too many times to count.  This time will be slightly different than usual because I will need my computer.  I am using a spreadsheet I made up to help me judge the graphs my students decided were “linear.” For each group’s data, I’ll enter it in the spreadsheet and it will tell me what the best linear fit to the data is.

Anyway, the dancing starts at about 8 PM and goes for a couple of hours or so, and then there is a potluck “tea” which consists of pies, cakes, cookies, fruit, cheese, chocolate, and of course actual tea.  Most of the guests contribute to the spread.  I hope I am not the only one bringing pie, since it is Pi Day!

By the way, for those of you who are wondering, my Spring break starts on April 4th.  So no, I am not on break yet.

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