The Reveal

For a few years I watched a lot of TLC’s Trading Spaces, with host Paige Davis.  Each show featured neighbor couples trading houses for a couple of days, and with the aid of a designer and a carpenter (such as Ty Pennington) completely re-doing a room in their neighbors’ home.  At the end of the show, the homeowners would return to their own houses, and there would be a big moment when they had to uncover their eyes in the refinished room.  Eyes would bug out, some people cried, some were horrified but most were delighted.

A high point for me happened when one of my students was on Trading Spaces: Family (where families with kids are the participants, as opposed to couples) hosted by Joe Farrell.  I still have that episode on VHS, I believe.

Well, now that we have our first guest staying in our new guest room, I am ready to reveal to you the redesigned room.  This is the room that used to be intensely blue, the one where I scraped the popcorn ceiling over the summer.

We planned the room around the quilt my grandmother quilted, so the color of the walls actually comes from a color in tiny details in the dark green bits in the quilt.  You can’t see that color in the quilt in these photos.  However, the color also provides a link to the bedding, which is from IKEA (as is the EXPEDIT room dividing bookcase.)  We moved the futon up from the basement, where it has been replaced by beanbags.

Here we go:





So, I still need to hem the curtains, and hang artwork (some of which still needs to be framed), but there you go!  Revealed!

PS: the things on the windowsill are veggie seeds being started indoors.

5 Responses to “The Reveal”

  1. Cherish Says:

    We have one of the IKEA dragons, too. And the snake. They’re the only reptiles I’ll allow in the house. :-)

    • teawithbuzz Says:

      Hi Cherish,
      Thanks for reading my blog! It was “little sister” who gave us the IKEA dragon, and it is perfect for the room.

  2. kpitter Says:

    i am honored to be the first guest. it is a beautiful comfortable room. I slept so well… slept in even cuz i didn’t want to get out of bed or leave the room. I just love the wall color… and the elegance and simplicity of design.
    you did a great job.

  3. Doris Says:

    I love the color…it is such a serene green! And the quilt looks great. I’m glad it can be displayed for everyone to admire Grandma’s exquisite needlework. Kpitter, I hope you had a good visit….

  4. Joanna Says:

    Wow! You finished a room in your house. I’m so jealous!

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