I have no idea

How long has it been since I last colored eggs for Easter?  Probably at least 25 years, at a guess.  Last night I did the silk-tie thing since I’m on break, it was on the internet, and thanks to Marisa I had a use for 8 eggs.  I blew the insides of the eggs out before dyeing them, since I want these to be permanent (at least until they get accidentally sat on or whatever), and that was a challenge since I’ve never done that before.  But it worked: one hole in each end, swish the pin around a bunch, then blow until the insides are no longer inside.


2 Responses to “I have no idea”

  1. Heather - Dollar Store Crafts Says:

    They look great!

  2. Doris Says:

    What’s the silk tie thing? Do you transfer dyes/patterns from silk ties to the eggs? They really do look special…and I hope nobody sits on them!

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