Cheer Up!

There are lots of good things in the world, so despite the fact that I have grades due this week (and I’m not done grading, duh) and it is cold and rainy and I keep feeling chills and my lesson plans were made all topsy-turvy for a day (it’s only Tuesday, it’s only Tuesday, deep breath), THERE ARE REASONS TO SMILE AND BE HAPPY!

1) My highly intelligent husband who blew the GMAT exam out of the water last year was accepted into the graduate program of his choice, to start this fall.  And his work will pay for it!  Yay!  Plus he will still be earning a salary!  Double Yay!

2) I discovered yummy ice-cream sandwiches at the H-mart that contain vanilla ice cream and red bean paste (yum, red bean paste!) and while I don’t have any left the photo still makes me smile because they are shaped like FISH!


3) A friend of mine from college has the most amazing Easter resurrection video on her blog today, that DEFINITELY makes me smile!

4) There is more than enough chocolate, tea, and cheese in my house to get me through this week of getting grades completed.

5) Rainbows!  Rainbows are happy!


I’m sure there is more but I can’t think of what else will make me smile right now…I think it is time for some tea!  And then grading!

5 Responses to “Cheer Up!”

  1. E.C. Says:

    Thank you. I needed reasons to smile tonight.

  2. Doris Says:

    You are the only person I know who admits to a fondness for red bean paste! I’ll admit that the presentation (of the ice cream sandwich) is appealing, but I won’t budge farther than that. I’m glad you’re finding so many bright spots to cheer you up right now…Spring has a way of doing that.

  3. teawithbuzz Says:

    Doris: Well, this spring has had too much miserable weather in my opinion, but there were rainbows that one day. You probably know more people who like red bean paste than you think you do, though. You’d know more red bean paste fans if you knew more Asians, probably.

    EC: I’m glad I helped you smile! I’d GIVE you a fish-shaped ice-cream sandwich, and they are even more smile-inducing in person because you get to eat ICE CREAM! and it looks like a FISH!

  4. Through the Roof « TeaWithBuzz Says:

    […] By teawithbuzz Thank you to Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories for the shout-out!  They liked my cheer-up ice cream sandwich, and linked to it today.  That sent lots of people my way to view it.  Here is the page-view […]

  5. Maker Faire! « TeaWithBuzz Says:

    […] blog for a few years, and once got a lot of traffic on this blog when they linked to my “Cheer Up” post featuring the fish-shaped ice cream sandwich.  I have made their bulbdial clock kit […]

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