Pricing FAIL

My husband said I should send this to the FAIL blog, but I am not really a fan of that blog.  However, I find this amusing enough for my own blog:


I took this photo with my phone, hence the poor quality.  But I love the $97.61 per QUART SAVE $2.00 !  On a 1.5-quart container of ice cream priced at $4.49!  The best part?  I first noticed this on Tuesday, when I went to buy ice cream to go with the strawberry-rhubarb crumble I was making to use the CSA rhubarb we got Monday.  I reported it to customer service, where an older gentleman tried to inform me that the store is required by law to post the unit price of the product, and I had to patiently explain that $97.61 was outrageous for a quart of ice cream.  Today, TWO days later, I saw that the bad labels (oh yeah, most of the ice cream in the case has similar labels!) were still there and reported it to customer service again.  We’ll see if they ever do something about it.

UPDATE: On Friday (3 days after the original complaint) the labels were still wrong.  I complained again, this time mentioning the FAIL blog and also mentioning how people around the world view it.  Today, Saturday, the labels had all been exchanged for corrected ones.

One Response to “Pricing FAIL”

  1. Heather Says:

    Sometimes it takes the big stick. Publicity? AAAHHHHH!

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