Kitchen plans

Last night we picked colors and materials for our kitchen re-do, and the next step is to schedule meetings with contractors for estimates.  We waffled on this project for a year, and it’s true that once my husband finishes his degree program in two years we may be moving to an entirely different city, but our cabinetry sucks (it’s el cheapo quality), the laminate is on the wrong kind of wood next to the sink so it’s swollen from moisture, the layout isn’t great and the lighting is awkward.  Also, we don’t have room to store things the way we want to.  So we are going ahead with a re-do.  If we do move, maybe it will raise the price we can get for the house when we sell it.

We’re moving the door from the dining room over a bit, which will allow some storage changes in both the kitchen and the dining room.  We’re adding a pass-through, putting a “peninsula” in, moving the fridge to a different wall, and adding more cabinetry.  We’re scootching the stove over a bit, so we can have countertop on both sides of the stove.  We’re adding manufactured quartz counters around the sink and stove, and butcher block on the peninsula.  We’re raising the microwave oven off the counter, putting cork-backed linoleum on the floor, and re-doing all the lighting with LED’s.  The door to the basement will be re-hung to open from the other side of the frame.  The walls will be painted my favorite color, yellow, with blue-gray baseboards and door trim.  The quartz counters have been chosen so they won’t show coffee splashes:


We’re keeping all our major appliances, since we have bought them all since we moved in.  The original stove had burners that didn’t light and seemed to take an hour to boil water for pasta, so we replaced that first, with almost the same model my parents have.  Then we replaced the aged dishwasher after the original kept getting “errors” and quitting mid-cycle.  Most recently we replaced the refrigerator, which failed to keep ice cream bars frozen, to my intense disappointment one day.  It is really hard to buy a decent-sized fridge without an automatic ice maker and water filter option, but we found one.

Yes, we know it will be a major pain to be without a kitchen from when we take the old stuff apart to when we get the new one completed.  But we are willing to go through the suffering.  Yes, we know these things typically take longer than planned.  We have a budget and we are willing to deal with the mess.  Still, wish us luck!  I’m sure we will need it!

2 Responses to “Kitchen plans”

  1. Joanna Says:

    Wait a minute! What’s this moving to another city thing??????

    • teawithbuzz Says:

      Well, once my husband gets his degree, he might get a job with a game company. Of which there are none here. But there are companies in Seattle, Portland, SF Bay Area, Austin, Boston, Toronto, and Montreal. So if he DOES get a job in one of those places, we will move there. I prefer not to move to California, because I hear nothing but bad news about the education budgets there, but who knows what will happen? Maybe he’ll just move to a higher position where he is now and we’ll stay. But after all, that’s the future, and I cannot predict what will actually happen.

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