Today I signed up for The Great Internet Migratory Box Of Electronic Junk, or TGIMBOEJ.  I learned about this a bit more than a year ago, since I remember discussing it with one of my AP students.  It’s an idea from a fun blog, Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories.  It’s a box of junk that you can sign up to have sent to you.  Well, there is more than one, but one will eventually come around to you.  You take something out, you put something in, and you send it on its way.

Of course, you have to publish electronically about your experience, which I will do here.

I don’t do that much with electronics, myself, but I do have kids do projects.  My biggest thing lately was the “remote control” for “my” “robot” for last Halloween.  I am doing a repair project this summer on some school stuff, too.  But otherwise, I haven’t done anything complicated since making my radio/amplifier/speaker five or six years ago so I could tell my students how to make one.  It is a little the worse for wear:


Notice that the indicator LED is out of its hole, and that’s not the only problem!

I have since acquired a copy of Horowitz and Hill’s The Art of Electronics, which is a step forward.  However, it is a textbook and what I really need is a project inspiration.  Maybe I need to spend some more time looking at MAKE and

So, look forward to reading about the arrival of the box (hopefully sometime within the next year) and photos of what I do with it!

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