There is a first time for everything

Inspired by the plastic-shopping-bag-full of cucumbers my husband brought in from the garden yesterday and Marisa’s facebook-status-via-twitter about making bread and butter pickles, I made my first pickles today.

I used the recipe from Slashfood that Marisa pointed me to.  First, I needed jars, which I got at the supermarket. The cashier was very surprised that the store even sold canning jars, and then it turned out that the UPC code wasn’t in the scanner and so I was the cause of the Express Lane being held up because the cashier had to send a bagger for a price check.  I felt guilty, though it wasn’t my fault.

Then, there was the cutting and slicing.  Thank goodness for the mandoline, but man, those onions made tears and mucus run down my face like a waterfall!  Here’s my sliced veggies, before and after being mixed with salt and soaked in an ice bath for three hours:


The next step was sterilizing the washed jars and heating the veggies in the brine.  The brine tasted just right for bread and butter pickles, so I think I did it right.


Finally, here are my jars of pickles!


I actually made eight jars, and I plan to do four more tomorrow, because I have enough cucumbers for at least another half recipe.  Guess what you are getting for Christmas?

5 Responses to “There is a first time for everything”

  1. Marisa Says:

    Fran, your pickles look absolutely perfect! Hooray for canning!

  2. Doris Says:

    Do I have to wait ’til Xmas? Can’t you bring some with you to Camp? They look soooooo good!

  3. little sister Says:

    mmm! I love pickled things!!

    Some of my friends here in PDX have gone on a pickling kick too. yum.

  4. Marmalade « TeaWithBuzz Says:

    […] By teawithbuzz Remember reading over the summer that I learned to make pickles and jam?  Now I know how to make marmalade!  Several people have asked for the recipe, so here it […]

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