Rub a Dub Dub Zucchini

We have one zucchini plant in our garden.  So far, it has produced one zucchini.  One large zucchini, since my husband didn’t want to pick in at first in case it was a winter squash.  Though what we would possibly do with another winter squash, I don’t know.  I’ll post on those later this week.

About the middle of last week, I picked it, since I did not want a giant zucchini to have to do something with.  It was still a pretty darn big zucchini.  Happily, my husband put on his chef hat and took care of it!  Inspired by the original Moosewood cookbook “Zuccanoes” recipe, he made zucchini washtubs (as opposed to canoes):


Then he created a stuffing out of things our CSA sends us: onions, beets, and kale, added in some of his own beans, some balsalmic vinegar, bread crumbs, and an egg for binding.  A topping of grated parmesan browned nicely during cooking, and a basil and beet garnish topped off the creation:


This is one of the reasons we don’t eat out much!  We eat this way at home!

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