Summer’s end

We started school before Labor Day this year, since Labor Day isn’t until September 7 and that is kindof “late.”  So I just finished off a great first week of school, and am now having a last fling of summer as we have a four-day weekend, in honor of Labor Day.  I am not sure why we need four days off, but I am happily taking it.

Anyway, I have three Physics 1 classes, at our lowest level (“conceptual”) and one AP Physics C class, which consists of students who have all had one year of physics already and who should be taking calculus this year.  My physics 1 classes all have a really nice number of students in them (in the 17 to 20 range), where they all fit into the classroom well, I can make a reasonable number of approximately 3-person groups, and where they are still pretty manageable when I use my loud teacher voice.  My AP Physics class is adorable, enthusiastic, and split evenly between boys and girls, a first in my career!  I have 12 kids in that class and they all passed the first quiz (yesterday) and I am working on teambuilding with them.  My idea is that if we do teambuilding then the kids will all support each other through the tough bits and nobody will drop out of the class.  Of course, I have already had four kids drop AP Physics, one who I never met and one who shouldn’t have been in there in the first place among them.  But maybe nobody else will drop out!

As I contemplated the fact that I had Friday off this week, and having gotten my lesson plans for next week 75% done already (though now in need of some revision, as the president’s speech has been moved to noon instead of 1 PM), the following thought crossed my mind:  I wonder what they are picking at Mood’s this week?

Mood’s is the u-pick farm we’ve been getting our berries from this summer.  It turns out they are picking a lot: giant peaches (think giant like California Navel orange, not like the Roald Dahl book), pears, apples, plums, raspberries, and blackberries.  So I decided that I needed to make another raspberry pie.

I came home at about noon with 6.4 lbs raspberries, 5 lbs damson plums, an apple cider donut in my belly (they make the best donuts at Mood’s…but I have learned now to buy just one, not a bag of six!), and some garlic.  I picked up the plums and the garlic at their market, and 5 lbs plums for $7 still seems like a deal, even though I did not pick them myself.  I am thinking raspberry pie, plum-raspberry jam, and frozen raspberries…for future deliciousness!

Are these not the most beautiful raspberries?  If I were the swooning type, I totally would swoon over these!


2 Responses to “Summer’s end”

  1. Doris Says:

    Glad you had a good first week, and hope you have a great year. Those kids are so lucky to have you! (And I’m not in the least biased.) You didn’t mention how much the raspberries cost, but they look like they were worth every cent. Wish we could find such nice berries here…. I know the pie will be scrumptious!

  2. teawithbuzz Says:

    The raspberries were $3.75/pound, plus whatever blood the bushes can get out of you. I recklessly wore short sleeves this time, so I paid $24.04 plus a bunch of pokes and scratches for what I picked. Considering I’d probably have to pay at least $3.75 for a half-pint of raspberries in the grocery store, I feel I got a fantastic deal despite the scratches!

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