Safe from zombies

The University of Florida briefly had an emergency preparedness plan for “zombie attack” on their website.  It’s gone, now, but the document is still available.  You can click through to it from this article.

I’ve never been much of a zombie fan, myself, nor vampires or werewolves.  I am a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and other Joss Whedon creations.  But I don’t care for the Harry Potter books.

What I do like, is dragons.Chinese-Dragon-Green-25-large

I have a lot of them.  I have plush dragons, iron dragons, gold filigree dragon earrings, old drawings I did in high school of dragons, dragon socks.  So I really don’t need anymore.

I’m not interested in unicorns, winged horses, gryphons, centaurs (despite the centaur being my high school’s mascot), or other mythical creatures.  Just dragons.

I’m a little surprised by how much I still like them.

What odd thing do you like?

2 Responses to “Safe from zombies”

  1. Cherish Says:

    That’s funny because I have a huge dragon fetish, too. I have decided once I’m over this grad student thing and have a real job, my yard is going to have a ton of dragon statues all around it. My neighbors will undoubtedly think I’m insane. (I also want some statues of space alien creatures carrying away gnomes, like I saw in the Signals catalog. Too funny!)

  2. Doris Says:

    What was your first dragon and when did you start “collecting” them? Did you intend to collect them, or did people (seeing you had one or two) just start giving them to you, until eventually it became a collection? We have several collections: mushrooms, turtles, cats, glass baskets, china luncheon sets. We still like those things, but at some point, where to put them becomes an issue; we’d have to de-accession something in order to find room for more, and I like what we have and don’t want to get rid of any of it. So, we still like to look at antiques shops and street fairs, but we don’t buy. We’re passing the problem of what to do with them on to the next generation ;-).

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