Queensland Blue


This is a Queensland Blue squash, which we got (of course) in our CSA share.  This particular one seems more green than blue, but I was able to get the blue tinge in the photo by using bright overcast daylight lighting.  This photo does not show the size well, so here is the squash with the universal squash size indicator, Buzz:


He’s clearly thinking, “another squash? Gimme a break!  I’m trying to nap here.”

I decided to make soup with this squash, and I found a recipe on Messy and Picky’s blog. Picky (the author of this particular post) neglected to mention that the seeds are very tenacious in these things, and I think he grossly underestimated the time needed in a 400-degree oven to become soft.  If that was 40 minutes, I’m a shoe.  Here are the chunks before cooking:choppedQB

In turn, I neglected some of the steps in the recipe (stopping to take photos of chopped veggies) and I used an immersion blender instead of a food processor for pureeing.  I have done the food-processor method, and I have done the blender method, and I can tell you that getting hot pureed soup all over the kitchen and oneself is doubly bad: both painfully hot and tedious to clean up!  The immersion blender is AWESOME (thanks mom and dad!)!!!!

Finally, I topped my soup with some toasted seeds from the squash and from the pumpkin I carved earlier (see previous post).  My husband is not a big soup fan, but I LOVE soup, and this stuff is indeed delicious!


3 Responses to “Queensland Blue”

  1. Melissa R Says:

    Ooh, nifty! I have purchased a very large (and I’m told, suggestively-shaped) butternut, and was going to look for inspiration. Perhaps inspiration just found me… (I think I’m only missing the scallions–and wouldn’t it be nice with some ginger added, too?)

  2. Anne Says:

    I’ve just returned from eight weeks in Queensland, and I never saw a Queensland Blue…

  3. teawithbuzz Says:

    I don’t think spring is really squash season. Sept-Oct is early spring there, right?

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