Positive Reinforcement

A lot of the time, I have a difficult time accomplishing tasks I don’t enjoy.  This includes housework and grading papers.  Last weekend, however, I was able to get a lot of papers graded by using a system of rewards.  For every 20 papers I graded, I could have 45 minutes working on my bulbdial clock kit.

I love projects that involve soldering.  I love my nifty soldering station with electronic temperature control that heats up quickly and has a pre-tinned tip.  I love watching the solder wick into its place when the components are heated just right.  And I love having an electronic doohickey that works when it is all over.  It saddens me that I was not a teacher in the heyday of Heathkit.

The system worked well, and I steamed through 80 assignments on my way to completing my clock.  But this weekend, I have no exciting soldering project to embark on as a reward.  I have not graded any assignments these three (well, 2.6) days of weekend so far.  Truthfully, I don’t really want my house to become overrun with electronic doohickeys, either.  I need another reward activity.  Ideally it would be something I could do in 45-minute chunks, that I love doing, would not result in excess clutter/useless items, and would not be too expensive.  I have a few ideas (no particular order):

  • origami or kirigami
  • learn more Japanese
  • paper/cardboard sculpture
  • mobiles
  • sewing (I have several sewing projects on my sewing list)

Unfortunately, I love none of these things as much as I love soldering.

3 Responses to “Positive Reinforcement”

  1. more Says:

    I love that clock. I want one so bad. And you have sexy hands.

  2. Anne Says:

    How about planning some great big soldering art work? My Dad put together many Heathkit projects, but he was colorblind. He would come to me with a handful of resisters for me to sort by color…

  3. little sister Says:

    that clock is so cool. nicely done!

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