Dummy…that would be me.

I did one of those things that you aren’t supposed to do in physics, which is drop a kilogram on your foot from the lab table.  It is the argument for why you should never wear open-toed shoes in physics lab.  Which doesn’t really make sense unless your concern is really to avoid spraying blood all over, since most shoes won’t actually protect you from injury:

I think I may have a broken toe.  Though I am intrigued by the unusual green color on the toenail on the “second little piggy,” I am also excited by the deep purple of the “third little piggy’s” bruise.

Aren’t you glad you read my blog?  You totally needed to see that photo.

My students were very excited to see me hop up and down and yell.  Quite the diversion.  Sigh.  I had actually taped the kilogram onto a WHEELED cart.  Then set it down on the table in an orientation that allowed it to roll right off the table onto my foot.  Aaarrgh!

4 Responses to “Dummy”

  1. Greg Says:

    Such are the hazards of the metric system.

  2. Doris Says:

    This is your mother speaking: GO TO THE DOCTOR! Unless it’s icy and/or blizzarding outside. I’m really sorry about your foot…I know it hurts even more because of the way it happened. Did you take your shoe off at school (in class) to see how bad it was, or did you wait ’til you got home? Hope it feels better soon (it will take awhile to mend, speaking as one who knows!). Love you lots.

  3. little sister Says:


    I bet a pair of Keens would have protected those piggies…

    they’re a bit “pacific NW” in style, but they are all I wear anymore. Great arch support, waterproof, and they have that distinctive toe guard (we stub our toes a lot in the pacific NW apparently).

    just a thought. I highly recommend keens (they make sandals w/ the same toe guard too).

  4. Rich Says:

    Ouch! I know your pain. I dropped a boy’s bathroom door (from a school) on my big toe about 5 1/2 years ago. That thing had a mass of 40 kg or so (it is amazing what they do with hinges and pneumatic closers). First, the toenail came off (it took about a year), then the nail came back with a fungus that I cannot get rid of.
    Good luck for a better outcome.

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