For the birds

So here I am at home, on the 5th snow day this month.  Our school district budgets only four snow days each year, so we will have to make this day up somewhere, either in June or over Spring Break.

I have been making use of the free time in various ways.  Yesterday I went grocery shopping at 6 AM.  The grocery store opens at 5 AM and I was up and dressed, so I went ahead and took care of the shopping at a time when there were very few other shoppers.  The aisles were full of employees, though, restocking shelves depleted, no doubt, by crowds the day before the storm.  Yesterday and today I am again keeping up with my AP Physics curriculum by meeting my class online using Elluminate.  I will also be holding my Science Bowl practice this afternoon online.

I’ve also been enjoying watching the birds.  I counted 36 grackles this morning before I had to give up due to them flying about, saw a European starling, and also gave up trying to count the song sparrows since they are all over the place and it is difficult to distinguish them from the other sparrows.  There were three cardinals, several mourning doves (though not the 16 I counted in our redbud tree a couple of weeks ago), juncos, and house sparrows.  I see a Carolina chickadee in the redbud now, waiting for a turn at the feeder.

Two weeks ago during our previous snow event, I participated in the Great Backyard Bird Count.  I dutifully counted the birds as best I could, but I have difficulty distinguishing song sparrows, house sparrows, and tree sparrows (if we even have those) from a distance, from above (since I watch mostly from my office window on the second floor), and while the birds are moving, which is most of the time.  I remember seeing one house finch, though!

Ooh, there’s a tufted titmouse!  I haven’t seen any woodpeckers at our feeder in a while, though I keep looking for them.  I wonder if buying the  different blend of seeds (with fewer sunflower seeds) has sent them looking elsewhere.

I’m definitely going to have to replenish the bird feeder today!

One Response to “For the birds”

  1. Doris Says:

    I’m glad you’re taking some time on your “day off” to watch the birds…great photo of the cardinal (he looks like a bully!).

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