Spring training

I have a feeling training in the Spring is going to be a lot more pleasant than Summer training later this year.

The weather has been beautiful this weekend and we have been taking advantage. I have been walking, and Greg has been gardening. Today I saw two magnolia trees in full bloom, a lot of magnolias in bud and partial bloom, many crocuses, tiny daffodils smaller than crocuses, pansies, and lots of people out working in their gardens! This was on a walk of about 3.5 miles, which I did in a little over an hour. It was a good walk!

On Friday I took a personal day from school to attend the NSTA convention in Philadelphia. I planned ahead to get of the train at University City, so I would have a two mile walk to the Convention Center before attending any events. All worked perfectly, and I wore my pedometer to count my steps. It is half a mile between my house and the train station, adding another mile to my day’s total. The one thing is I can’t figure is how far I walked on the floor of the vast exhibit hall, or going back and forth between sessions at the convention center, the Marriott, and the Loews Hotel. I am guessing, since my pedometer read 17914 at the end of the day that I must have gone at least an extra 2 miles while at NSTA, but I cannot truly tell.

Saturday I had initially planned to attend NSTA, but after the past several weekends being very busy and really only “1-day” weekends, I decided to give myself a 2-day weekend and stayed home.  I managed to get in 40 minutes of DDR, and a LOT of good sleep!  I feel much better for all the extra sleep!  Last weekend I was at our local AAPT meeting on Saturday, the weekend before that I spent all day Saturday in Brooklyn with Science Bowl, the weekend before that I enjoyed my friend Sarah’s company on Sunday, and the weekend before that was Physics Olympics on Saturday.  So even though I am looking forward to Spring Break next week (starts March 27!), I felt like I really needed two days of weekend. It was great!

Now if only I had finished all this grading…

PS: you can keep track of my walking training on my new Training Log page.  Click on the link on the upper right when you are on the home page!

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