More new shoes.

[This post has been adapted from the most recent post on my blog at the 3-Day website.  To view my page there, go to and search for my name]

On Saturday, I went to a walking clinic and a short, 2.5-mile training walk. It was great! It was really amazing to meet other walkers, each with his or her own reason for doing the walk. One survivor in our group had just finished treatment two weeks ago! She felt a little tired by the end of the 2.5 miles, but she made it!  Plus, the time goes by quickly when you are talking to other people and getting to know them!

The clinic afterward was at a running store, and the guys there were able to watch us each walk barefoot and tell us what kind of shoes would be best for us. I have a mild overpronation, which if you know feet means that my shoes tend to be worn down at the outside of the heel and I need a shoe with some arch support. So they recommended a shoe for me, and it is indeed a very comfortable shoe!  The women in the group I had just walked with all approved it as well, commenting that the shoes matched my outfit!  And since I am supposed to bring two pairs of broken-in shoes on the walk in October, I figured I would get them.

I had them hold the shoes for me, as I had a gift card I wanted to use, and today I picked them up. I am looking forward to better weather before using them, though…they are lightweight running shoes with a lot of mesh, and will let my feet get soaked in the rain!  It is supposed to stop raining by Wednesday…

Anyway, I have walked nearly 25 miles in training so far.

These are the new shoes: Etonic Kendari in 7 wide.  For reference, behind them is one of my trusty Merrills that I love, but which I fully expect to wear out this summer with training.

Help me reach my goal for the Susan G. Komen Philadelphia 3-Day for the Cure!

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