Is it PTBATTD* already?

Today as I was driving home, when I was about three blocks from home, on a busy and slow road, I saw this guy.

He was wearing black cargo shorts with shiny silver snaps and buckles and maybe studs.  Shiny!  The shorts ended just above his knees.  He was wearing tall black boots, made of what seemed to be canvas, laced up the front, to just below his knees.

His knees were covered in some sort of black neoprene-looking material, perhaps some sort of leggings, but it was hard to tell because of the black cargo shorts and the black boots.

He was wearing a black long-sleeved shirt and a black pocket-covered vest, like a photographer’s vest, over the top.

He was pushing a black bicycle up the hill.

And he was black.

So imagine, you are sitting in your car, and you see this guy.  Who is this guy?  Why is he wearing these clothes?  Have you ever seen anyone wearing black canvas lace-up boots and black cargo pants with shiny silver snaps and buckles?  I was happy the traffic was very slow, because I totally stared at the guy.

I wondered if he was having “Pretend to be a Time Traveler Day” (PTBATTD) today.  This is a holiday invented by Aaron Diaz, the artist of one of my favorite webcomics, Dresden Codak.  Shortly after he invented it, the holiday became much more popular than his webcomic.  Originally the holiday was in December (2008), then moved to September in 2009.

Maybe the guy was pretending to be a guy from the future who was completely misinformed about the fashions of 2010, or perhaps he’d gotten the year wrong when he entered the coordinates into his time machine.

I think it would be fun to celebrate PTBATTD, but it is the sort of thing where you need a group so you can video people reacting and then all have a good laugh over beer afterward.

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