Law & Order

Sometime while I was cooking dinner and my husband was taking a nap, our driveway got blocked by a police car from the town two townships north of us.  It wasn’t really the nice policeman’s fault, he was blocked from going any further down our street by another police car (from the township immediately to our north) parked crossways across the street in front of our house.  The police cars from OUR town (I’m not sure if our town has one or two police cars –  I think it is two) were further down the block.

[We live in a suburban county outside Philadelphia, where the townships cram up against each other.  Having police from the next town over show up on calls is a matter of course.  If we had kids, they would be in that school district anyway, since our town is too small to have its own school district.  Police from two towns over coming to help out on a call is more unusual, but our suburbs are generally pretty quiet.  I remember once (when living in another nearby town) having a car accident on the way to the video store (back when we went to video stores).  We had three police cars show up for our fender bender, and an ambulance stopped by just in case (nobody was hurt, so they didn’t hang out long).  So excitement attracts police from all around, desperate for something to do besides sit hidden near an intersection in hopes that they get lucky and catch someone running a stop sign.]

I headed out the door to see what was going on, which is what we do on our block.  Last year there was a fire a couple of houses down (a very minor fire – the house remained completely livable) and the whole neighborhood was out chatting about it in groups on our lawns and sidewalks.  But this evening the woman next door poked her head out and told me that I should go back in, because the police down the block had rifles.

Well, I had dinner on the table, so I didn’t mind going back in.  After another half hour or so, the police came one by one to put away their rifles and drive their cars away.  We can leave the house by car again if we want to.  Not that we want to.  I’m supposedly grading papers (actually writing a blog post) and my husband has a WoW raid.

What I really like about watching Law & Order on TV is that when a bunch of police investigate something, before the hour is up there is a suspect, an arraignment, a trial, and a  verdict.  Done.  Forget this real life stuff where there is no guarantee I’ll ever know what was going on.  Law & Order is one of my favorite shows.  I’m a little bummed that NBC isn’t going to continue it.  You’d think that after that whole Jay Leno fiasco they’d be keeping the known good shows.  Oh well.

In other news, President Obama called and left a message on our answering machine today!  There must be a tightly contested senate primary election tomorrow!

[UPDATE: 5/29/2010

It happened again, only this time we had been out at a party, and returned home to find that we could not get to our driveway because one of our town’s police cars and an ambulance were parked opposite each other on our street, with not enough space to squeeze between them.  We parked on the street a couple houses down from our own house, and as we were walking across our driveway to get to our front door the other police car from our town showed up and parked across our driveway.  Our block gets more and more exciting!]

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