Not MY garden, it’s ALL my husband’s dedication and hard work.  But I am still allowed to admire and eat it!  He’s been planning this garden since last summer, deciding where to put things and how to rearrange.  He planted the garlic last fall, and this spring he ripped out all the roses that weren’t doing well, leaving just the healthiest ones (except for one which is in the garlic field, but I expect that one won’t be sticking around long.

First, the front part is flowers.  These are mostly started from seeds except for the Marigolds.  There are zinnias behind the cosmos which are behind the lilies, but you can’t see them there.

There are also some salvia, if you look closely.  The cosmos are obviously not blooming yet, but there are flower buds!

Behind these flowers are the tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers, one “hill” of each.  We are hoping for fewer cucumbers than last year, and these are supposed to be smaller.  We already have tiny cucumbers growing, but the peppers and tomatoes have not blossomed yet.

Continuing back toward the house, we have a row of corn.  This is highly amusing to both of us!

Then we have the herbs.  The dill and the cilantro have already bolted, and the parsley is still about an inch high.  There is no sign of any basil.  There is a hopeful blank space in the row, however.  Here is a picture from before they bolted:

The tiny little patch of bright green to the right of the frilly dill is the parsley.  The rest is purslane, which we don’t grow on purpose but which is edible.

Next, there is a row of purple beans, climbing poles.

You can see the next two roses behind the beans.  On the other side of those roses is the garlic patch, which is also where I planted my radishes early in the spring.  They came out really nicely!   I just  tucked them in between the garlic stalks.

Behind the garlic field are a couple of rows of sugar snap peas, which are a great snack that my husband usually eats when he comes home from work, before coming into the house.

Today my husband suggested that we could get a good picture of the whole garden from above, by holding the camera out the window over the garage:

As you can see, my husband has been weeding!  He did a very good job.  I couldn’t get the snap peas into the photo, but you can see most of the rest of it.  I love having a husband who is interested in gardening, and a place for him to do it!

4 Responses to “Garden!”

  1. kpitter Says:

    am impressed. didn’t know Greg had that in him

  2. Greg Says:

    Neither did I!

  3. Melissa R. Says:

    Ooh, shiny!

    (Someday, I will have land again…and time…)

  4. Doris Says:

    If Greg needs some more weeds to pull, we have lots! The garden is gorgeous…I hope I get to taste some cucumber pickles this summer.

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