Every day, the corn looks taller.  I find it amazing that growth happens like that.  In the afternoon, the corn looks taller than it did in the morning.  And yet, the dill is taller than the corn!

And, of course, taller than me.  I am hoping to get dill SEEDS soon, since the cucumbers are burgeoning.  My husband planted a smaller variety this year, much more suitable for dill spears.  They are about as long as my cell phone.

We’ve been eating them in salads, but there are about to be a lot of ripe ones all at once.  I’ll make bread-and-butter pickles first, since I am still waiting on dill seed…

2 Responses to “Growth”

  1. Keiko Says:

    Gorgeous veggies. Min are still dinky…then again it has been cold

  2. Melissa R. Says:

    Mmm, pickles! And your veggies look lovely!

    I just saw pickled figs advertised. I guess I’d do that if I really had a *lot* of figs, but I’d rather wear out the roof of my mouth on the fuzz by eating scads of them. I keep ogling the fig trees in my neighborhood, willing them to be fast this year….

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