Home life

Summer…and busy.

I’m behind in canning (there is an excess of cucumbers and beets in the fridge), I’m only partly ready for my yard sale planned for July 24, and Buzz is sick.  We’ll hear back from the vet tomorrow about his blood work, and in the meantime we are trying to coax him to eat.

Saturday, I’m heading to Portland, OR for the summer meeting of the American Association of Physics Teachers.  I’m behind in walking (hoping to do some catching up in Portland) and I haven’t managed to sort the rest of the vacation photos or put together the videos of monkeys and hummingbirds.  I won’t be able to work on that in Portland because the photos aren’t on my laptop which is going with me, they are on the desktop and the media server at home.

I am hoping to at least spend some airplane time working on stuff for school…if I can find the list of things I need to do for school.  I’m feeling like summer is almost over and I’m not ready!  Thank goodness summer is not really as almost over as I’m feeling, but I still need to work on some sewing projects (including new pajamas for myself and Greg) and make my halloween costume (it will be hard to find the time once school starts).

And I still haven’t dome anything with my Arduino!  Eventually I will write a blog post all about my Arduino and what I have dome with it, but first I have to actually do something with it!

At least I am mostly ready for the AAPT meeting in Portland.  I’m not packed or anything, but the powerpoint slides I need for my report to the Section Officers Exchange are done and I’ve loaded a Portland map into my GPS.  I’m readying my laptop and I’m doing laundry tomorrow.  Whew.

I might write a blog post from Portland.  Maybe.  In the meantime, here is a photo of a white-faced (capuchin) monkey from our last full day in Lapa Rios:

4 Responses to “Home life”

  1. kpitter Says:

    Cute guy!!

  2. Marisa Says:

    Have fun in Portland! If you have a chance, you should go eat Pok Pok. It’s my cousin’s restaurant and it’s amazing Thai food. You can’t get anything like it here.

    • teawithbuzz Says:

      Thank you for the recommendation, Marisa! I had lunch at Pok Pok on Sunday and it was indeed very yummy and very unlike the Thai food here!

  3. Joel Says:

    Good luck with all those goals!

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